5 of the Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks

5 of the Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks

When creating a landing page for your online business, you’ll need to determine your goal. Your main goal is to promote quick purchases, so it’s important to design the page so that visitors can add products to their cart and buy without leaving the page. Once you’ve defined this goal, the rest of the design process will follow. Ensure that the message is clear, concise, and easy to understand. However, you should hire a PPC agency in Toronto to help your landing page. 

Explainer videos:

If you’re having trouble converting visitors to customers, explainer videos can easily increase conversion rates. They help visitors understand your product, but they also increase the odds of sharing your content with their friends. Studies have shown that 72% of customers would rather watch a video than read a long article. These videos are also an effective way to explain complex topics.

Countdown timers:

Countdown timers on landing pages have several benefits. They increase email response rates and improve click-through rates. They compel subscribers to act now before the timer expires. According to research, countdown timers increased conversion rates and click-through rates by 33 percent. Countdown timers work as gifs in emails and are compatible with most email clients.


The first impression of your landing page is crucial. Color can influence the client’s emotions, leading to positive or negative conclusions. According to marketing experts, you should use specific colors to emphasize the key aspects of your product. People are more likely to remember and retain information that has bright colors. Therefore, you should use colors that match the theme of your business. Using color to your advantage will make your landing page more memorable.

Text size:

When it comes to your landing page’s text, size matters, it is important that visitors can read your content without having to enlarge their browser window. Even though you may be able to zoom in, the average person does not have the patience to zoom in. A good rule of thumb is to keep the font size at 16px or larger. If you have trouble doing this, use a mobile-friendly landing page builder.

Call-to-action placement:

Where should you place your Call-to-action (CTA) on a landing page? First, you need to know where your visitors look on the page. For example, a page about a new camera might feature a hero image in the middle. Then, below the headline text, there should be supporting content. By doing so, you can increase the page’s understanding quickly and reduce bounce rates.